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Terri Lambert
PO Box 112  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-285-6429 Fax:


Haley Hackett
PO Box 742  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-505-7050 Fax:

Able Auctions LLC

Virgil Thomas
2006 Neeley Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-0611 Fax:

Auto Body Collision Repair
Trull Body & Paint

Gary Trull
1218 Rotterwood Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-274-9390 Fax: 336-274-1441

Auto Body Collision Repair
High Tech Collision

William & Shirley Pabst
437 Frances Drive  Liberty  NC  27298
336-622-2977 Fax:

Building /Materials
Guaranteed Supply

Kirby Ward
1211 Rotherwood Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-273-6140 Fax: 336-273-3594

Carpet Cleaning
All American Professional Carpet Care

Sherman Harris
4607 Edinborough Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-549-2283 Fax:

Carpeting & Flooring
Patterson Carpets, Inc.

Eddy Patterson
4824 Pleasant Garden Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-8800 Fax: 336-674-8842

Computer IT Sales/Service
Cypress Networks

Nate Boozer
4125-A Walker Ave  Greensboro  NC  27407
336-841-3030 Fax: 336-217-8225

Consultant Medical
Mark McDaniel

Mark McDaniel

Contractor Electrical
All Phase Electric Service

Allan Younts
4544 SE School Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-580-0045 Fax:

Contractor Electrical
Blake Electric Company

Ellen Blake
4041 Blumenthal Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-273-0800 Fax:

Contractor Electrical
Toomes Electrical Service

Jerry Toomes
PO Box 284  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-312-8201 Fax:  

Contractor Heating & Air
Swaim Electric Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Danny Swaim
3702 New Salem Rd  Climax  NC  27233
336-685-9722 Fax:

Contractor Heating & Air
Seasonal Comfort, Inc.

Kim Rayle
5016 Groometown Rd  Greensboro  NC  27407
336-855-5400 Fax:

Contractor Heating & Air
Fryes Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Eddie Frye
509 Sheraton Park Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-676-4455 Fax:

Contractor Roofing/Siding/Windows
On Top Of It Home Improvements

Brent Cruthers
3904 Treford Court  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-588-5767 Fax:

Burris, Fowler, and Associates CPA, PLLC

Keith Burris
3600 Coopers Farm Court  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-706-2101 Fax: 336-464-2304

Scott Walrond

Scott Walrond, DDS, PA
2607 Tabernacle Church Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-2328 Fax: 336-674-7158

Pleasant Garden Drug

Michael Johnston
4822 Pleasant Garden Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-5611 Fax:

Elected Official
Jon Hardister

Jon Hardister
PO Box 4113  Greensboro  NC  27404

Rubber Mill, Inc.

Heidi Bradley
9897 Old Liberty Rd.  Liberty  NC  27298
336-622-1685 Fax:

Homeland Creamery

Chris, Jayne, David & Terry Bowman
6506 Bowman Dair Rd  Julian  NC  27283
336-685-6455 Fax:

Financial Planning

Steven Makinson
800 Green Valley Road, Suite 205  Greensboro  NC  27408
336-574-1144 Fax:

Fire Department
Pleasant Garden Fire Station

Chief Ray Smith
4814 Pleasant Garden Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-5619 Fax:

Corum's Greenhouse Florist

David Corum
532 Holyoke Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-5556 Fax:

Funeral Service
Forbis & Dick Funeral Service

Danny Long
4601 Pleasant Garden Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-676-8408 Fax: 336-676-1872

Health & Wellness
doTERRA Essential Oils

Terri Lambert
5008 Renville Drive  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-451-4709 Fax:

In-Home Care
Home Helpers

Lisa Hmiel
5710-K High Point Rd, 270  Greensboro  NC  27407
336-790-9645 Fax:

State Farm Insurance

Adam Lemmert
3711 Elmsley Street Suite 106  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-482-2200 Fax:

Insurance Advocate
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.

Katrina Morris
   Greensboro  NC   
336-409-2693 Fax:

Interior Design
Accessory Design Services

Denise Osborne, IDS
5315-K Liberty Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-674-2150 Fax: 336-674-2164

Massage Therapy
Tranquility Therapeutic Massage

Susan Warren, LMBT
2411-C Walters Street  Greensboro  NC  27408
336-215-0895 Fax:

Nail Salon
Salon Delight

Hloan Mlo
5315 Liberty Rd suite C  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-674-3838 Fax:  

Nursing Home
Clapp's Nursing Center

Cheryl Coleman
5229 Appomattox Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-2252 Fax: 336-674-9531

Aquatic Designs

Mark Voigt
PO Box 327  Climax  NC  27233
336-674-7665 Fax:

Promotional Items
Spotlight Solutions

Lisa Rierson
PO Box 536  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-558-4690 Fax:

Real Estate
Lorrie Long Realty

Lorrie Long
PO Box 491  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-686-8360 Fax:

Real Estate
Southeast Real Estate Group

Richard Dunn
5465-C Liberty Rd.  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-370-6562 Fax:

Real Estate
Coldwell Banker Triad Realtors

Dawn Nichols Kuhn
2624 Tabernacle Church Road  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-676-3772 Fax:

Real Estate
Berkshire Hathaway Yost & Little

Jean King
802 Green Valley Rd, Suite 100  Greensboro  NC  27408
336-336-9002 Fax: 336-676-5221

Real Estate
Commercial Properties, Inc.

Kate Tillman
1648 F North Market Drive  Raleigh  NC  27609
919-872-5702 Fax: 919-954-8859

Isabella's Pizza Pub

Kathy and Bill Dudich
5315-A Liberty Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-674-0060 Fax:

Subway/Quick & Easy Citgo

Stephen Majors
1601 Wiley Lewis Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-312-3238 Fax:

JT Enterprises, Inc.

Johnny Tart
2901 Pacific Ave.  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-378-2508 Fax: 336-378-2509

Restaurant/Country Club
Forest Oaks Country Club

4600 Forest Drive  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-674-0126 Fax:

Retail Boutique
Gifty Decor

Beth Donaldson
5315 Liberty Road  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-617-4222 Fax:

Self Storage
Pleasant Garden Rd Self Storage

Randall and Paulette Clark
4165 Pleasant Garden Rd  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-763-7860 Fax:

Signs/Screen Printing
Cornerstone Graphics

Jason Thompson
4806-B Old Julian Rd  Julian  NC  27283
336-685-4333 Fax: 336-685-5008

Travel Agent
Amy Schwartz Travel

Amy Schwartz
   Greensboro  NC  27401
336-697-7253 Fax:

Stout Trucking, Inc

Rhonda S. Branson
3940 Liberty Road  Greensboro  NC  27406
336-674-2660 Fax:

Venues /Event Spaces
Hodgin Valley Farm

561 Hodgin Valley Farm Rd  Pleasant Garden  NC  27313
336-674-2732 Fax:

Water Systems
Alkaline Drinking Water Filtration & Purification Consultant

Daryl Whicker
   Winston-Salem  NC   
336-926-1492 Fax:

Web Design/Social Marketing
Marty Designs SE gazette

Marty Heim
PO Box 36  Climax  NC  27233
336-674-9399 Fax:


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